Top Shire prize goes to Germany

Sum 15 Top Shire prize goes to Germany 1 350x276The top Shire horse prize – the King George V Trophy for the champion stallion – went overseas for the first time in the breed’s history, when Dr Volker Schumann of Hattingen, Germany won with his two-year-old Schumann’s Eragon at this year’s National Shire Horse Show at Grantham. Meanwhile, in Scotland Robert Hamilton took the coveted Cawdor Cup with his Dillars Excel at the breeSum 15 Top Shire prize goes to Germany 2 350x221d show equivalent for the Clydesdales, held at the Royal Highland Showground. Supreme champion at the show was Robert Sibbald’s mare Shielhill Diamond Jubilee. Read eight pages of reports on the two events in this issue, and find out more about Dr

Schumann’s big stud near Dusseldorf.Sum 15 Top Shire prize goes to Germany 3 350x264

Sum 15 Top Shire prize goes to Germany 4 350x279

Clydesdales raise their profile in South West England

Sum 15 Clydesdales raise their profile in South West England 350x131You can now ride a heavy horse in the south of England as well as the north, with Adventure Clydesdales’ mounts in the fantastic setting of Dartmoor in Devon. Tim Ancrum and Aileen Ware have established a Clydesdale trail riding and working horse centre at Dartmeet, enabling keen heavy horse riding enthusiasts to enjoy the wild moorland of the National Park, 1,000 feet above sea level. The horses are also stars at the Exeter Race Course where they pull crowds eager to see them race!


Win a ride in the beautiful Lake District!

Sum 15 Win a ride in the beautiful Lake District 350x250You can win a ride in some of the best countryside in England with our competition to identify bits in Cumbrian Heavy Horses’ picture in our Under Saddle feature – the only regular spread in UK magazines to focus on ridden heavies. This issue Annie Rose is covering moulting and bits. Closing date for entries is 15 June.


Mullahead ploughmen set new record?

Sum 15 Mullahead ploughmen set new record 350x295A new record for the highest number of horses ploughing simultaneously for a minute is thought to have been set at this year’s Mullahead & District Ploughing Match, County Armagh, Northern Ireland – the organisers are waiting for confirmation from the Guinness Book of Records. The attempt was filmed using a drone. Forty-five pairs took part in the event’s 50th anniversary match, coming from as far away as the Isle of Sheppey in Kent and Cornwall.


Heavy Horse World Calendar 2016

HHW Calendar 2016 400x384They’re in stock - order your copy now!



Teams attract interest in Hampshire

Sum 15 Teams attract interest in Hampshire 236x350Southern Counties Heavy Horse Association held its annual Spring Event in glorious sunshine in April, with visitors enjoying the rare treat of witnessing two teams of four horses abreast, alongside a busy day with ring activities including a musical drive, breeds display, obstacle driving and timber handling. Find the best picture of the teams in this issue, but here’s one of Randy Hiscock driving his Suffolks in the main ring.


Young by name – young by nature

Sum 15 Young by name young by nature 350x186Catch up with the Young family from the West Midlands, where Caroline and Ken and their children, Peter and Emma, spend as many hours as they can with their Shires and ponies, building up their four-horse teams and their skills as drivers in events and competitions both in the region and overseas.


Finding that elusive ideal point of draught

Sum 15 Finding that elusive ideal point of draught 350x331Read our detailed and authoritative feature by Jenifer Morrissey from the USA on finding the elusive ideal point of draught on your horses to get the best out of them. With contributions from the American working horse specialist Doc Hammill, discover more about the horse’s anatomy and how he functions to ensure best practice in all your horse working activities.


Suffolk ambassador in the US

Sum 15 Suffolk ambassador in the US 350x172After a momentous journey throughout the UK five years ago American Suffolk enthusiast Jason Rutledge imported a Suffolk stallion from East Anglia to spread new genes among the breed in the US. Find out which horse he picked from his travels to Suffolk studs around the country, and see how he’s getting on with his job in the States.


Driving horses with a single line

Sum 15 Driving horses with a single line 350x204It’s a great skill and very few people in the UK today use it, but driving horses with a single line was once common in the Fens. Find out where the practice came from and discover how it worked in Bob Powell’s article.


Other features in this issue include. . .

  • Moorfield Edward shines through at Shire Show

  • David Viner reports on two wagon restorations, in Oxfordshire and Norfolk

  • Ginger Pig turnout makes its debut

  • Dales ponies solve a problem in the Howgills

  • Draught Horse Answers – on poisonous plants

  • Who can do what in your horse’s mouth?

  • Capturing Suffolk horses in paint

  • Horses on the Green

  • Work horses – an alternative for the future: a European perspective

  • Horses and the Hastings fishing industry

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