Autumn 2014 Issue

Congratulations to Northumberland champion of champions!

Aut_14_Congratulations_to_Northumberland_champion_of_champions_459x357John Fairbairn of Berwick upon Tweed won the champion of champions accolade at the Northumberland County Show with his 16-year-old Clydesdale gelding, Mick, in decorated harness – the first time an equine competitor, and a heavy horse at that, had been chosen for the honour in over six years.


Mike Bingham’s dispersal sale

Aut_14_Mike_Binghams_dispersal_sale_478x329Blyth-based ploughman Mike Bingham is to hold a complete dispersal sale of his Shires and horse equipment on 18 September at Oldcotes, North Nottinghamshire, conducted by Brown & Co. The sale will also include items belonging to his neighbour, the late Jim Platts. Mike made the decision following his recent ill health. Six Shires and some 200 lots will go under the auctioneer’s hammer, including two Shire mares, quiet in all gears, used in ploughing matches, and a very rare Hornsby long breasted match plough.


Twenty pages of summer shows!

Aut_14_Twenty_pages_of_summer_shows_1_264x497Aut_14_Twenty_pages_of_summer_shows_2_447x212This big centre section includes a wide range of shows and events from the first half of the season. The Suffolk and Percheron breed shows feature, along with reports from Nottinghamshire, Royal Highland, Melton Mowbray, Royal Three Counties, Cheshire, Derbyshire and



the Royal Norfolk, as well as Northumberland’s Festival of the Heavy Horse at Milfield.



  Under saddle – our new series for ridden heavy horse enthusiasts

Aut_14_Under_saddle_our_new_series_for_ridden_heavy_horse_enthusiasts_229x401Annie Rose of Cumbrian Heavy Horses continues our series. In this issue she covers the effects of hot weather on horses, foot care – including costs, barefoot trimming and couping – and rugging. “The temperate summer – now sliding into autumn – is easy on our horses,” she writes. “Languid in the hot sun they literally sunbathe, relaxed and happy beasties!” You can experience riding heavies at Annie’s award-winning equestrian business in the beautiful Lake District, where she has gathered pure-bred heavy horses for people to enjoy on a range of specialist treks and rides.

Harness matters


William Castle extends his usual From this side of the fence column with another look at the importance of the need to constantly check the adjustment of our horses’ harness. He describes new innovationsAut_14_Harness_matters_2_472x372 across Europe, including steel tug rods, American lonestar hames, elastic straps to hold up swingletrees and ‘D’ ring harness. We also look at new German ‘Sieltec’ harness, in use by the McDermott family for their Percheron team.



Mini festival’ demonstrates working horses in horticulture

Aut_14_Mini_festival_demonstrates_working_horses_in_horticulture_497x315A ‘Working Horses in Horticulture’ demonstration was held at Daylesford Organic Farm, Gloucestershire by the British Festival of the Working Horse. Featuring practical demonstrations of working horses and equipment targeted at people in horticulture and small-scale agriculture, horsemen Ed Hamer and Mike Paddock showed how horses could benefit soil health, cut dependence on fossil fuels and keep horsemanship skills alive.

Visitors flock to Wales’ largest collection of horse-drawn vehicles


Aut_14_Visitors_flock_to_Wales_largest_collection_of_horse_drawn_vehicles_449x265Wheelwright, cart restorer and collector of horse-drawn bygones, Norman Frost, opened his horse-drawn vehicle collection to the public for the first time this year. Norman is dedicated to preserving as many examples of our horse-drawn past as is humanly possible, and the self-taught restorer has an eye for finding vehicles that other collectors might overlook. Members of the North Wales Shire Horse Society helped at the event and brought their own horses along to the open day.



A plough for champions

Aut_14_A_plough_for_champions_400x257Jonathan Brown takes a look at one of Britain’s most iconic makes of plough, the Ransome, and shows how the company’s plough experts were all champion ploughmen in their own right. At the 1951 British National Ploughing Championships the 30 entries in the horse ploughing class included 19 using a Ransome plough.

Horses at War: Remembering WWI and WWII

Aut_14_Horses_at_War_Remembering_WWI_and_WWII_400x125The largest display of First World War vehicles drawn by horses since the 1940s took place in West Sussex this summer with this commemorative event at the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum, Singleton. In a busy weekend of re-enactments, displays, readings and ring parades, a highlight was the Fort Nelson Royal Armouries’ 18-pounder gun and limber drawn by six of the Sampson family’s Percherons from Hampshire, with Robert and his sons, Tom and Harry, riding postilion.



Making hay while the sun shines

Aut_14_Making_hay_while_the_sun_shines_339x214A comprehensive working display of haymaking, hay handling and baling using horse power and steam was demonstrated at this year’s Fife Vintage Agricultural Machinery Club Rally & Farming Heritage Show. Visitors were able to see farming activities not generally seen in Scotland for many decades.

Other features in this issue include. . .

  • The truth about Comberton Thomas
  • The second Shire horse race at Lingfield Park
  • Tomorrow’s Horsemen – Oliver Chaffey (14)
  • Heavy Horse Tails – retirement beckons for Baron, the famous Clydesdale
  • Horse loggers’ annual gathering in the Scottish Borders
  • Riding classes ever more popular
  • Heavies at Chiltern Open Air Museum
  • Draught Horse Answers – laminitis, help and advice for new owners, equine polysaccharide storage myopathy and top tips for horses in wet weather
  Plus . . .
  • Your Letters - your views and news - packed with heavy horse interest
  • From this side of the fence: our column on current issues
  • Heavy Horse World Shop – our comprehensive selection of books and DVDs on heavy horse subjects
  • The 2015 Heavy Horse World Calendar – now available
  • Heavy Horse World Classifieds – where to go for all your needs – horses, harness, vehicles, books etc
  • Heavy Horse World Breeders’ Directory - locate the breeder of your choice
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