Summer 2013 Issue

Shires in first-ever ‘Flying Feathers Race’

Sum_13_Shires_in_first-ever_Flying_Feathers_Race_462x316Lingfield Park, Surrey is to stage a first-ever Shire horse race. The event, on 15 June at the track’s annual Countryside Raceday, will match professional jump jockeys with Shires from nearby Hurst Green Shires over a distance of two furlongs. Jump jockey David Crosse, who had a preview recently, said: “I was surprised how nimble they are – in a much slower way of course! I can’t wait for the race, it will be quite a sight.”



Sum_12_Shire_and_Clydesdale_breed_shows_1_350Shire and Clydesdale breed show winners!




Congratulations to all the winners in the annual breed shows for Shires Sum_13_Shire_and_Clydesdale_breed_show_winners_3_476x477and Clydesdales.  The National Shire Horse Show took place at the Peterborough showground for the last time, and featured the first ever win in the turnout championship of a woman, Sarah McLellan, driving Mike Millington’s George Gale & Co Brewery turnout. At the Clydesdale event the influence of Northern Irish breeding was felt. Winning Clydesdale was John Anderson’s Redcastle Brelee Majestic, and winning Shire for the second year running was Paul Bedford’s Metheringham Upton Hamlet. 













Sum_13_The_Ploughathon_a_world_first_for_heavy_horses_273x156The Ploughathon – a world first for heavy horses

Four ploughmen from Hampshire and Devon completed a gruelling 24-hour Ploughathon – a world first – in Hampshire in April culminating in Southern Counties Heavy Horse Association’s Spring Event. The weather was at its worst, and it wasn’t until the early hours of the morning that the rain stopped. But they ploughed on, at the end declaring they were pleased to have completed it in difficult conditions. Nearly £1,000 sponsorship raised will go to the Wessex and Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulances.


Sum_13_Simply_the_best_days_with_Shires_at_Shordley_Manor_480x351Simply the best” – days with Shires at Shordley Manor

We profile Jean and Terry Pleavin-Edge, winners of this year’s National Shire Horse Show JW Hiles Stock Stallion Award for the most successful progeny with Moorfield Manor Mac. Find out about their family’s involvement with the breed and some of their principal horses.




Sum_13_How_women_packed_a_punch_when_it_came_to_working_horses_436x309How women packed a punch when it came to working horses

The working of horses has historically been a very male preserve. But were women in the picture more than we think? Historian Dr Nicola Verdon was asked to undertake some research for Heavy Horse World, and has come up with some interesting facts about the reality - and what government inspectors thought about women behind the plough.


Sum_13_Hay-making_with_a_single_horse_588x236Hay-making with a single horse

William Castle begins a new series on how he developed his skills with hay-making, a crucial task for the self-sufficient horse farmer. We begin with tedding and turning, where William first began to focus on improving his technique.


Sum_13_Meet_the_Kerry_Bog_Pony_422x243Meet the Kerry Bog Pony

The Kerry Bog Pony is a native breed of pony indigenous to South West Kerry, Ireland. A small mountain and moorland breed, they were used for a wide variety of tasks in that part of the country, including collecting turf and seaweed, transporting milk churns to the dairy and general carting activities. Today there is a focus on their preservation and they are used in modern leisure activities.




Sum_13_And_also_from_Ireland_473x230And also from Ireland …

Working horses came to the rescue of a farming couple’s hay crop in Ireland last year when wet conditions meant other farmers couldn’t get on the land. Mona Muller and Harrie Bartelink’s Percherons and Percheron x Shire are worked on a 40-acre organic smallholding, mostly down to grass, but also producing vegetables, eggs, meat and milk and a small amount of grain.


Sum_13_Horses_at_work_for_Sheffields_environmental_social_enterprise_463x275Horses at work for Sheffield’s environmental social enterprise

A 17.1hh Clydesdale gelding is playing a key role in a Sheffield social enterprise focused on reconnecting people with their environment. Big Lad works on commercial logging contracts for the Green Estate, plus taking part in events and activities in the urban fringes of one of our biggest industrial cities. With Max Hibbert working Freddie, a Belgian horse, and Ethel Worthington at the reins of Big Lad, the venture has also produced ‘Pictorial Meadows’ on featureless grassy areas on Sheffield estates.




Other features in this issue include. . .


  • The Horseman’s Word project launches in East Anglia

  • Museums aim to play a part in horsemanship training

  • £50 voucher for professional risk management training for horsemen

  • Easter drilling activity in Cornwall and Suffolk

  • Heavy Horse Tails – Kevin Morris tackles a difficult hitch

  • Mike Paddock buys a Pioneer foot-lift sulky plough

  • Ploughs – the most vital implement in the horse age – the last in Jonathan Brown’s series on traditional British implements

  • Meeting working horse challenges on a French farm

  • Keep your horses healthy this summer – and a health checklist



Plus . . .


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