Sum_11_image1_183x185Heavy Horse World sponsors senior stallions at the National Shire Horse Show

Heavy Horse World editor Diana Zeuner presented the senior stallions’ red rosette to winner Paul Bedford, whose Penrhos Brave Heart went on to win the supreme show championship and the coveted King George V Trophy at this year’s National Shire Horse Show at Peterborough. “The line-up of 15 senior stallions across the main ring in the exec building was a marvellous sight,” says Diana Zeuner, “their quality stretching right down the line and commented on by many ringside.









Furthermore, each one of the stallions received a premium, apparently a record in modern times”. Brave Heart was described as “the best horse in England” by a senior judge. Our seven-page report on the show by John Bryant gives all the details, accompanied by lots of photographs from the event.








Sum_11_image5_250x130Power Happy ….

Anna Bruce’s profile this issue is David Curtis of Middleton Percherons and the new president of the British Percheron Horse Society. David describes his enthusiasm for the breed, how he first got into showing, and how that has led to his twice-running win of the anznual Heavy Horse Turnout Championship. Plus - read his rather good poem on the value of heavy horses.








Celt, the Drum Horse – a journey from West Wales to Knightsbridge

The Household Cavalry’s latest drum horse is Celt, bought from Dyfed Shires in Pembrokeshire for a new life in the country’s top military pageantry. He stunned audiences with his appearance at the National Shire Horse Show in March, and will soon be an important part of Trooping the Colour and other important ceremonies.









Come-back of the draught horse in Ireland

Horses are at work in support of a smallholding in West Cork, Ireland where they are involved in as many tasks as possible throughout the year, including hauling stone, wood, fence posts and manure; ploughing and harrowing arable land, preparing for the potato crop and hoeing and scuffling between vegetable rows. Using an Irish Cob stallion and mare, with youngstock coming on, Sandra Schmid and Tim Rowe describe how they set up their enterprise including the building of a new environmentally-friendly home.





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Sum_11_image3_250x178Samuel Smith Brewery Horses

Photographer John Tickner - who brought us the series on working equines several years ago - has visited Tadcaster with his camera, capturing the everyday working life of the grey Shires and horsemen Simon Crook and Matthew Bedford who deliver beer daily to pubs in and around the town.







Established in 1758, the brewery is the oldest in Yorkshire. Meanwhile new beer deliveries are starting in Windsor where Derek Hilton and his two Shires will be out and about in the town delivering the products of new company Windsor & Eton Brewery.





Sum_11_image6_250x165Sustainable breeding for the Suffolk horse

Dr Sarah Blott of the Animal Health Trust describes her research into the health of the Suffolk horse population – and a possible new strategy to manage inbreeding. Defining what inbreeding actually is, she shows with the aid of two graphs how Suffolk owners have done quite well to spread their animals’ genes, but more could be done in the future. The breed remains in the ‘critical’ category of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust’s Watchlist.




Sum_11_image8_250x158Flat earth musings

Horse logger Chris Wadsworth reports from the Lincolnshire Wolds where he has been busy on a logging job with his Percheron horse, Ouragan. He describes the task ahead for the pair and explains how they meet the challenges of tricky terrain yet show good quality work with minimal impact on the ground.



Other features in this issue include…


  • Suffolk Horse Society launches working horse of the year contest

  • 2011 London Harness Horse Parade

  • British Percheron awarded ‘native breed’ status

  • Positive debate at Reading sale

  • John Anderson’s Redcastle Brelee Majestic wins Cawdor Cup at Clydesdales’ 150th National Stallion Show

  • SCHHA’s 40th Anniversary Spring Working

  • Obituaries – including Edward Hart and Shire, Walton Supreme

  • Events List update

  • Mathilda and the vegetable garden – part 2 of Rebecca Laughton’s diary about establishing a market garden with her Dales pony

  • Promoting traditional farming methods in Cornwall

  • Draught Horse Answers – on worming and sweet itch