Heavy Horse World Magazine Winter 2010 - Titanic Anchor Pull

Titanic anchor pull

Devon horseman Jonathan Waterer led an ambitious task in the summer to reconstruct the journey of the Titanic’s main 15-ton anchor from its Midlands foundry to a nearby railway station behind a team of 20 Shire horses. The event was organised by and filmed for a Channel Four documentary on the building and engineering behind the iconic vessel. Jonathan garnered support from Shire owners from different parts of the country, many with horses he had himself trained. The event attracted huge crowds, as the horse team began the journey, with the huge anchor on a purpose-built drag designed by wheelwright Rodney Greenwood. Find out how they did it and how they got on in the Winter issue.


Heavy Horse World Magazine Winter 2010 - 2010 Heavy Horse Turnout Championship2010 Heavy Horse Turnout Championship

David Curtis with his unicorn of Percherons took the third annual Heavy Horse Turnout Championship at Equifest this summer. Other winners included Glen Cass’s Shire gelding Roc in the agricultural section and Tom Henfrey in the single and pairs trade classes.



Heavy Horse World Magazine Winter 2010 - The most versatile harness?

The most versatile harness?

The New England D-ring harness is possibly the most versatile harness available on the market, say Tricia Hills and Richard Branscombe of Blue Horse Equine. With little adaptation it can be used for field work, pulling light-shafted vehicles and drawing implements. The design is thought to have evolved from Scandinavian harness taken to the USA with the early settlers.


Heavy Horse World Magazine Winter 2010 - Horses on the Western Front

Horses on the Western Front

Elspeth Johnstone ends her two-part series on the use of horses on the Western Front during the First World War. Discover what happened to Britain’s mobilised army of horses (468,323 by 1918), shipped across the Channel for service in France - who looked after them, how injury and disease were dealt with, how carcases were disposed off, lighter moments of friendly competitive games away from the front line, and how they fared at the end of the war.


Heavy Horse World Magazine Winter 2010 - Working pony makes the difference at Devon market gardenWorking pony makes the difference at Devon market garden

An innovative market garden on the edge of Dartmoor is using a Dartmoor x Welsh Cob, Samson, and a horse-drawn cultivator imported from France to develop the Chagford Community Agriculture scheme. The two-acre vegetable box project supplies the local town with ecologically produced seasonal fruit and vegetables. Customers become members of the scheme and commit to buying a share of the year’s harvest. Ed Hamer and the 14hh workhorse received some initial training from Jonathan Waterer. Samson is proving to be particularly well suited to the crop work involved.



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Heavy Horse World Magazine Winter 2010 - 2010 Shire Horse of the Year Show2010 Shire Horse of the Year Championship

Bryan Banham’s 10-year-old Acle Sabrina became the oldest mare ever to win the Shire Horse of the Year Championship at the Horse of the Year Show in Birmingham in October. Judge Lew Harrison said she was the type of mare he had always sought to breed himself: “I couldn’t fault her”. Reserve was Jan Verhoeven’s Robin Hood Stables Rose, and third was last year’s champion, John Wilkinson’s Hainton Charlie Girl.


Heavy Horse World Magazine Winter 2010 - Jim Elliott triumphs at British National MatchJim Elliott triumphs at British National Match

This year’s British National Horse Ploughing Championship provided a win on both days for Britain’s top ploughman, Jim Elliott in both general purpose and high cut. Pictures from this and other ploughing matches from this season, including the All Wales and the Suffolk championships, are in this issue.


Heavy Horse World Magazine Winter 2010 - Amelie at Aberdeen – and the rest of the shows

Amelie at Aberdeen – and the rest of the shows

Robert and Jean Trotter’s Ormiston Mains Amelie pulled off a remarkable fourth consecutive show championship at Aberdeen Clydesdale Show, taking her into Clydesdale history. Other shows and events covered in a big section this issue include the Great Yorkshire Show, Suffolk Spectacular, the Royal Welsh, West of England Heavy Horse In-hand and Harness Championships and the Midlands and the North West and Wales societies’ shows and sales.



Heavy Horse World Magazine Winter 2010 - Could your stallion help boost rare equine numbers?Could your stallion help boost rare equine numbers?

The Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) is appealing for more heavy horse stallion owners to come forward to add to the equine semen available through its National Gene Bank. All three British heavy horse breeds appear on the RBST Watchlist for breeds under threat. So far semen has been taken from seven rare breed heavy horse stallions, three Clydesdales, two Shires and two Suffolks. Breeders Tony Bull and Ronnie Black give their views on the scheme, which also provides owners with semen they can use immediately.



Other features in this issue include…

  • Portsmouth Parade will go ahead in 2011

  • Cereal company Jordans backs horse ploughing

  • Princess Royal opens National Brewery Centre

  • Clydesdale leads the way in improving urban landscapes

  • Obituaries – including Shire stallion Arclid Minshull Monty

  • Show champions drill seed at Weylands Farm

  • Hat trick for the Rawlins family

  • End of an era at Valiant’s Farm – David Viner reports from the late Bob Gardner’s sale

  • Draught Horse Answers – Graham Duncanson focuses on sore feet or leg mange, and we provide tips for snowy conditions