Win Tickets to the Shire Horse Show 2010

Win tickets to the Shire Horse Show 2010!

Heavy Horse World has 10 pairs of adult tickets to the National Shire Horse Show on 20/21 March to give away this issue. Purchase a copy of the Spring issue Heavy Horse World magazine to take part in the competition: closing date is 10 March. The Shire Horse Show is the premier heavy horse event of the year, attracting more than 200 entries and a big crowd of heavy horse enthusiasts. Now held in the comfort of the East of England Showground’s huge new indoor arena at Peterborough, visitors can see Shires expertly presented in the in-hand, harness and turnout classes, visit the horses at their stables and watch them being prepared for their show appearances. Heavy Horse World has a stand in the main exec building – where all the action takes place!



New training framework for the harness horse

The British Driving Society (BDS) has completed work on the first two phases of its new training and qualification courses, offering ‘pathways’ for the heavy horse enthusiast and including agricultural work. The qualifications are designed for grooms and drivers, with modules for horse care and welfare, harness, horse-drawn vehicles, agricultural implements and driving-related equipment. At Level 4 you can qualify in advanced driving of singles and pairs on the public highway and for passenger-carrying. The agricultural pathway is for those keen to qualify in land preparation, crop cultivation and harvesting using heavy horses. Cheryl Grover, one of our leading heavy horse experts, has been closely involved with the development of the new qualifications. Further information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Heavy Horse World Events List 2010

Heavy Horse World Events List 2010

The Spring issue contains the UK’s most comprehensive list of heavy horse events held throughout the year! Six pages list county and agricultural shows, parades, ploughing matches and special events which feature heavy horses all over Britain. This special Shows issue also features news about shows happening in your area, plus reports on the North West & Wales Shire Foal Show & Sale, Wisbech Shire Horse Society’s event, the Southern Counties Heavy Horse Association’s Great Alll England Ploughing Match and Show and the Clydesdale Winter Fair.


Over 200 years of ploughing matches

Over 200 years of ploughing matches

The second and final part of Bob Powell’s fascinating series on the history of British Horse Ploughing Matches, this time we look at match rules, and how matches developed after the Second World War. He takes readers through the low period for matches at the start of the War, then explores their revival in the 1970s, with the formation of the Southern Counties Horse Ploughing association, formed to keep ploughing skills alive. Finally, he asks what will be the future for ploughing matches and the country’s reducing band of ploughmen.



Plus . . .

  • Your Letters – two pages packed with heavy horse interest

  • Heavy Horse World Shop – now FOUR pages - with our comprehensive selection of books and DVDs on heavy horse subjects

  • Heavy Horse World Classifieds – where to go for all your needs – horses, harness, vehicles, books etc

  • Heavy Horse World Breeders Directory – now two pages! Locate the breeder of your choice

  • Order an annual subscription to Heavy Horse World for a friend or family member




Riding Heavy Horses

Riding heavy horses

In a major feature Heavy Horse World explores the development of a new discipline for heavy horse enthusiasts – riding. Discover how people began to ride their heavies as another way of ensuring their use and continuation in the post-working horse era. Contributions are included from Waldburg Shires, one of the first heavy horse businesses to ride their heavy horses; Cumbrian Heavy Horses, the only fully-accredited trekking centre in the world to use only heavies (mostly Clydesdales); the Stephen sisters in Scotland who ride and jump pedigree Clydesdales owned by their uncle; the huge enthusiasm for riding Shires from Europe – Germany in particular; how the Skinners run almost an “academy” for young heavy horse riders in Aberdeenshire, and how heavies are used for hunting by heavy horse champions like Robert Sampson, who points out that heavy horses have always been ridden, even by farmers during the working horse era. Also, we look at judging heavy horse ridden classes and where to get the large tack needed for a heavy horse.



Liverpool Carters' Monument to be Unveiled in May 2010

Liverpool Carters’ Monument to be unveiled in May

The Shire Horse Society has contributed the final sum needed to ensure the completion of the Liverpool Carters’ Working Horse Monument. The statue is expected to be unveiled on 1 May, the traditional day for the former Liverpool Cart Horse Parade. The Society agreed to donate £3,000 at its November meeting, bringing to a close the carters’ 13-year campaign to raise £120,000 for a monument to the work of Liverpool’s dock horses. The statue has been made by sculptor Judy Boyt, and will stand on the city’s Albert Dock as a permanent memorial to the contribution made by up to 20,000 carthorses at the peak of horse-drawn traffic at one of the busiest ports in the world.


Conformation not Colour

Conformation, not colour

One of our top breeders of Shires and Clydesdales, Tony Bull, reflects on his approach over the last three decades. “I bought what I liked and took advice from every source available,” he says, outlining the six overriding factors in a good horse that came across to him. Discover his journey to locate the best horses he could for breeding. Find out what he thinks about Clydesdale/Shire crosses and the use of roan mares and enjoy sharing in his showring successes.


Other features in this issue include…

  • One man’s dedication to railway wagons

  • Obituaries, including Claude Huskisson, Mick Massey and Ivan Cooke

  • William Castle’s column focuses on the recent collar trials

  • A stately home for heavy horses at the National Trust’s Arlington Court

  • Limited edition Shire horse print, in aid of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust

  • Horses make the difference by the Wey & Arun Canal

  • Five generations of horsemen – Clarence Naylor profiles John Taylor