The Suffolk Punch Trust

Preserving the Hollesley Bay Colony stud of Suffolk horses



Arclid Shires and Clydesdales, Cheshire, UK

Arclid Shires and Clydesdales, Cheshire, UK



Deighton Shires
P & W Bedford - breeders of champion Shires and Clydesdales, Yorkshire, UK



Heavy Horse Supplies

Tom & Ron Brewster - for all your heavy horse needs, tuition, harness, hardware

Joan Hampshire - cotton rope and rope products


Carriage House Insurance

Individual insurance for heavy horse enthusiasts




Hartland Carriages

Heavy horse carriages and harness



Maple Leaf Carriages

Canadian carriages in the UK


Torsion Saddles
Treeless saddles - one size fits all - ideal for heavies 



Heavy Horses

Jonathan and Fiona Waterer - driving and working courses, horses for purchase, timber extraction, weddings etc. Also B&B




Waldburg Shires

For all heavy horse requirements - horses, harness, vehicles



Shires and Clydesdales

Matthew Gregory King/Cotebrook Shires - Shires and Clydesdales available


Camalter Shires

Shire horse breeding, wheelrighting and cart renovation.


Jim Yates Shires

Cowerslane Shires - home-bred and selected stock for sale



Dillars Clydesdale Stud

Clydesdale horses available from stud of champions




Dame Marie Shire and Clydesdale

Breeders of Shires and Clydesdales in France


Comtois Horses

Suppliers of Comtois horses in the UK



Old Croft Shires

Breeding horses for showing.



Pony and Carriage

Heavy horse harness, accessories and equipment




Horse Box UK

Conversion, spraying and sales of horseboxes and commercial vehicles


Equine Health

Equine joint support products



Robin Hood Stables

Robin Hood Stables: Dutch Shire breeders