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Breed Societies and Working Horse Associations

Breeders and Suppliers

Miscellaneous - Museums, Centres, Shows, Training Enterprises


Thimbleby & Shorland

the Reading-based carriage and equestrian auctioneers



Small Farmers Journal

Small Farmer



Shire Horses

Bringing Shire owners closer together.



Pikna Shire Horses

Cornwall-based heavy horse operation for weddings, countryside and pub rides etc.



Orchard Hill Farm, USA

Suffolk Punch horses, farm apprenticeships and draft horse workshops - California, USA




The British Driving Society

The website of the British Driving Society



Horse Trader Online

Trading in horses and equestrian equipment



Skye Grove Organics

Heavy horses used to grow organic vegetables


Beamish Museum, Co Durham

Beamish, the North of England Open Air Museum, Co Durham




Great Dorset Steam Fair

Great Dorset Steam Fair



Claire Myers Art

Painter of Heavy Horses



Horse Power in Ireland

A resource for people interested in working horses in Ireland


Dales Logger

Working Dales Pony Centre and Dales breeding



Sacrewell Farm & Country Centre

Sacrewell Farm & Country Centre - also the base of the new Shire Horse Centre




Arclid Carriages

Shires, Clydesdales, Horse Drawn Carriages for all occasions



National Horse Brass Society

British heavy horse decoration, its history, types and usage


The City of Aberdeen Clydesdale Horse Show

The City of Aberdeen Clydesdale Horse Show



Cumbrian Heavy Horses

The UK's only specialist heavy horse riding establishment set in the glorious Lake District.


Sam & Poppet (Competition Plough Horses)

Somerset-based heavy horse operations for pleasure/pub rides, weddings, etc.



Karen Basset Carriage Driving and Horse Drawn Hearse

Description: Karen is happy to offer lessons for complete beginners
to advanced drivers for single, pair, team and tandem.